Real Estate News and Articles for Denver Colorado

Real Estate News and Articles for Denver Colorado

When I run across news articles that have an impact on our Denver Metro Housing Market I like to post them up for all to read. Enjoy.

Economist: 6 months until Denver recovers Recent corporate announcements and an improvement in our region’s business climate bode well for future job growth, according to The Metro Denver Economic Development Corporation (Metro Denver EDC).  In its Monthly Economic Summary for November 2009, the EDC highlighted the fact that Conoco-Phillips, SunRun, a San Francisco-based solar energy company, and German-based SMA Solar Technology AG will all start Colorado operations in the next few years.  “This is a very big deal for Colorado we’re excited that not only are we being recognized across the country for our renewable energy capabilities, but now, also across the globe,” Metro Denver EDC Chief Economist Patty Silverstein said.  “On the residential side those home prices are certainly a bit more stable. Commercial markets we’re still watching very carefully.  We’re still determining that there’s going to be a little bit of pain in those markets,” she said.
Denver Economy-6 Months to Recover?

Senate expands homebuyer tax credit, extends jobless benefits – Yesterday, the Senate voted 98-0 to extend and expand the tax credit to include buyers who already own homes.  The House is expected to vote on the bill today.  Buyers who have owned their current homes at least five years would be eligible for tax credits of up to $6,500.  First-time homebuyers — or anyone who hasn’t owned a home in the last three years — would still get up to $8,000.  To qualify, buyers in both groups have to sign a purchase agreement by April 30, 2010, and close by June 30.
Home Buyer Tax Credit

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