Parker Days Festival a Great Time!

Parker Days Festival a Great Time!

Parker Days Festival 2009

Parker Colorado-Parker Days Summer Festival

If you didn’t make it out to the Parker Days Festival/Carnival you missed out. We did choose the $25 all day pass as I didn’t want to go back and buy tickets all afternoon.I was a little disappointed with the rain and lightening each afternoon but it really didn’t start until just about the time we were ready to leave.  I haven’t seen it this crowed in years. There were by far more people here this year than last. Maybe because fewer people are traveling because for the economy? Just guessing.

Our 4 year old had a blast and so did I. I think we rode every ride my son was tall enough to get on a minimum of two times. We did only ride the rides on the kids side and not the big kids section as my son calls it. “The rides on the hill are for big kids Dad” as I was informed several times. He really enjoyed the “cliff jump” over in the O’Brien Park area near the stage. $10 for 7 jumps and that was all he wanted to do most of the day.

My only complaint was that there seemed to be a lot of extra rides outside the main area that you had to shell out cash for. Tickets and wrist bands didn’t apply to these separate venues so parents were forced to pay as you go for the kids to indulge.