Parker Colorado is Reaching out to Tokyo Joes

Parker Colorado is Reaching out to Tokyo Joes

Ok restaurateurs get off your butts and get into the Parker, Colorado real estate market. The residents here are craving good food and healthy eats. We do have our local favorites but there isn’t enough selection. I’m going to list a few requests below and hopefully someone will act on this.

“We need more GOOD restaurants in Parker, Colorado.”

I would really like to see Tokyo Joe’s in town soon. I always hear rumors but that’s all they are. For me to get my combo bowl with veggies and spring rolls I have to drive into the DTC or Park Meadows. Unacceptable Tokyo Joe’s! We have a great area already built and ready to go for you in the Super Target parking lot on Twenty Mile Road. The traffic is great and if we can support Target, Walmart and Costco we can support you too.

I would like a Family Style restaurant too. We have Texas Road House which is great but we need another choice. We lost Roman Villas so another great italian restaurant would be nice and I could even handle an Olive Garden but would prefer something else.

Oh yes and the final choice would be a cool Cajun dive with real Cajun food. I’m originally from the south and need HOT and spicy seafood on a weekly basis. I’m not saying more frozen box seafood precooked meals. I want fresh and we all want good.

If you have a suggestion or want to add to the list just make a comment on the blog below and I will make sure we get it added to the list.

Steven Beam 303-941-4663. EMAIL.